Welcome to the Davenport Recycled Water Project!

The Davenport Recycled Water Project (DRWP) is a project to upgrade the existing wastewater treatment plant in Davenport. This project will upgrade the Davenport County Sanitation District’s wastewater treatment plant by dredging accumulated solids in the treatment lagoon, installing alarms for the filtration and disinfection processes, and adding redundancy for coagulant and hypochlorite dosing. The project also consists of the construction of a storage pond for treated water, which will allow adjacent farmers to use recycled water for irrigation.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

September Update

The Davenport Recycled Water Project will be completed in the next week.  The landscaping around the pond has been completed.  Currently construction crews are working to complete the treatment plant’s instrumentation and controls and putting the finishing touches on the truck fill station.  A successful test of the system pumped tertiary treated water to the holding pond.  

Pond Landscaping

Truck Fill Station